Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Weeks Down

It's been two weeks now since I've eaten any meat. During that time, I've had to make some adjustments--mostly consisting of things I should do anyway, such as virtually eliminating fast food* from my diet.

*Though at the chess tournament last weekend, I needed to grab a quick meal before a game and there seemed to be no available options other than the nearby Burger King or McDonald's. I chose Burger King, scanned the menu for meatless options, and ended up ordering a fish sandwich.

I'd never had a Burger King fish sandwich before. I hope to never, ever have one again.

But, on the whole, I'm surprised by how easy this has been.

Oh sure, it was annoying when I was at the hotel restaurant buffet and couldn't have any bacon or sausage. And I miss my chicken dishes. But not as much as I thought I would.

What's more, while this hasn't been anything resembling a controlled experiment, I must say that I generally feel healthier and more energetic.

I have no idea whether I will decide to continue this practice past Lent. But it's sure good to know that I can.


  1. Well done! I think I probably would have caved in the face of a fish sandwich from Burger King... you are a better man than I.

  2. Okay, first I find out that Ruby's a man, and now you, too!? Jeez, what is it with me, anyway? Well, thanks for the compliment all the same.

  3. Only sometimes a man, never fear, castlerook.

    I'm impressed you resisted bacon and sausage. In my previous bouts of vegetarianism, the dreaded Pork Products have always been my downfall. There is little in the world that smells as good as frying bacon. Except maybe sausage.

  4. You are also a better person than I am. (I'll be gender-neutral. :)) Bacon & sausage would totally have been my downfall, although I'm pretty sure I could have resisted Burger King. I have lingering resentment toward them for making me ill on a long ago school trip, so I don't stop there now.

  5. Okay, y'all gotta stop it with this whole "you're better than me" motif. Seriously, the point of this post was that it _hasn't_ been difficult, so no accolades are neceesary.

    (although, I DO appreciate the encouragement)