Friday, March 20, 2009

Sharp Quills

The following is a public service announcement for those readers who used to write at*

*actually, this is for everyone, but former TIBUers in particular.

Former TIBU writer HarmoniMcG has launched a new website,, which has the potential to be all that TIBU was and more. Go check it out!

1 comment:

  1. I took a look at SharpQuills.

    I'm delighted to see it, and as you say, it has great potential. But I won't be joining it, not yet at least. The dealbreaker for me is that a lot of the content is private, "for registered users only", which means if a stranger follows a link to something there, they find they're locked out. I find that really frustrating.

    There are a few design comments I'd make as well, but since Harm (of whom I've always been a massive fan) hasn't published a contact address... I'm just gonna have to sit on them. C'est la vie.

    Thank you for the heads up, though. I shall try to check back on it from time to time.