Friday, March 6, 2009

Sick, Tired, and Hungry ... but Undeterred

I had hoped to finish writing Part II (or even Parts II and III) of "My Greatest Chess Triumph" this week, but a few days ago I came down with a nasty chest cold that essentially sapped my creative impulse. I'm doing a bit better but still not great; last night the combination of coughing and not being able to breathe normally kept me to a few hours of sleep. It's also one of those colds that seems to double your appetite, making my little Lenten experiment particularly trying.

And, of course, this weekend is the big chess tournament. Perfect timing.

Given my current state, I briefly considered not going. But I've noticed that people's greatest triumphs often come through inauspicious circumstances. Also, there's nothing worse than not knowing what could have been, if only you were willing to try.

So I'm packing this morning for a chess excursion to Massachusetts. The first round begins this evening at 7 pm.

Who knows, when I come home next week and finish writing "My Greatest Chess Triumph," perhaps its title will no longer apply.


  1. Take care and beware - my three week cold/cough thingy morphed into bronchitis with a high fever for days that only antibiotics could kick.

    Best of luck, castlerook!

  2. Hey! Sorry to hear that you are sick... that's the worst. Was it as warm where you were in Massachusetts on Saturday as it was on Cape Cod? It's was SEVENTY FIVE DEGREES. Gosh.

    Anyway, I am seriously behind in our challenge... but I promise that I actually have drafts written from last week that I just need to revise and put up. Onward!

    Let us know how the chess went!